The Maze Runner

A review of The Maze Runner by James Dashner... Book: The Maze Runner Author: James Dashner Pages: 371 (Paperback) Genre: Young Adult/ Sci-Fi/ Post-Apocalyptic Age Recommendation: 12+ Published: 04/08/2011 Publisher: Chicken House Ltd ISBN: 9781908435132 ★★★★★ “Sometimes you don't look very hard for things you don't believe will or can happen.” When the doors of the lift open, the only thing Thomas remembers… Continue reading The Maze Runner

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

Book: Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment Author: James Patterson Pages: 413 (Paperback) Genre: Young Adult / Science Fiction Age Recommendation: 13+ Published: 10/04/2006 Publisher: Headline Book Publishing ISBN: 9780755321940 ★★★★ “Can you giggle while racing for your life and protecting a six-year-old? I can.” Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment is the first in a series… Continue reading Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment