Truths Unspoken (The Souls Untethered Saga – Book 1.5)

My review of K.J. McPike's Truths Unspoken... Book: Truths Unspoken (Previously known as Nemesis, Book 1.5 of the Astralis series) Author: K.J. McPike Pages: 388 Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy/Paranormal Age Recommendation: 12+ Published: 30/08/2016 Publisher: Terracotta Rose Publishing ★★★★★ "Of course there would be something else to complicate things; I couldn’t catch a break with a net the size of Texas."… Continue reading Truths Unspoken (The Souls Untethered Saga – Book 1.5)

Interview with K.J. McPike

An interview with K.J. McPike, author of Souls Untethered (Previously known as XODUS). The first time it happened, Lali Yavari told herself it was just a dream. But when she starts flashing between realities during the day and seeing people disappear before her very eyes, she can't deny that something is happening to her—something she's… Continue reading Interview with K.J. McPike

Souls Untethered (The Souls Untethered Saga – Book 1)

Book: Souls Untethered (Previously known as XODUS, Book 1 of The Astralis Series) Author: K.J. McPike Pages: 338 Genre: Young Adult Age Recommendation: 12+ Published: 19/09/2015 Publisher: Terracotta Rose Publishing in association with Fuzzy Hedgehog Press ★★★★★ "Ha! Take that, you muggle!" Souls Untethered revolves around sixteen-year-old Lali. Lali's mum has recently abandoned the family leaving Lali and her… Continue reading Souls Untethered (The Souls Untethered Saga – Book 1)