Publishing: An interview with an industry professional

In 2014, I interviewed my cousin Kat McKenna who is a Marketing Manager for the 6+ list at Macmillan Children’s Books. I feel like it is about time that I shared this interview again! Here are some of my favourite answers: What made you pursue a career in marketing and publishing? I’ve always loved books… Continue reading Publishing: An interview with an industry professional

Great Worqs – A Student Film-Tech Company

When I am not reading and blogging I am at uni studying media production. The key topic that comes up all of the time is the importance of building up a large network of connections and an audience. This is especially important if you want to be a filmmaker, but it can also be useful… Continue reading Great Worqs – A Student Film-Tech Company

Shannon’s Adventures in Publishing

  This week I went on an adventure to London to work in Publishing & Marketing for a week! It was my first time getting a train on my own and the longest I'd ever spent in London so it was super scary. Back in April I shared an interview with my cousin who is… Continue reading Shannon’s Adventures in Publishing