A Look Inside My Bullet Journal

When it comes to my blog, my ideas come to me late at night or when I am out of the house. This means my ideas are usually in lots of different places at once. Usually, my notes are scribbled across old notebooks in the box under my bed or saved as a draft text… Continue reading A Look Inside My Bullet Journal

Blogmas Day 18: Wrapping Presents and Writing Christmas Cards

Today is Blogmas day 18 and me, Billy the dog and Stanley the cat have been writing Christmas cards and wrapping everyone's presents!  This year, my wrapping paper and cards are from Next. I also bought a little stamp from Paperchase to add festive cheer to the envelopes! I love wrapping presents nearly as much… Continue reading Blogmas Day 18: Wrapping Presents and Writing Christmas Cards

Blogmas Day 15: Throwback Thursday

10 Days to Go!!!!! I've got 4 days off work so my weekend has started early and I am so excited to have some festive fun! It turns out my grandparents must have all the photos of me at Christmas because finding the photos for this post turned out to be really difficult! When I next… Continue reading Blogmas Day 15: Throwback Thursday

Blogmas Day 12: Decorating the Christmas Tree

It's Blogmas Day 12! Every year it's tradition that me and my family all get together to decorate mum's house for Christmas! Usually, this happens on my birthday at the end of November but this year we've all been really busy. Yesterday we finally got to decorate the tree! Here's some photos from our festive evening... I… Continue reading Blogmas Day 12: Decorating the Christmas Tree