55 Things to Track in Your Bullet Journal

Before I started my bullet journal I thought the form was too fixed for me but the more time I spent scrolling through Pinterest, the more I realised just how much creative freedom you can have with a notebook / journal. You can play around with ideas and see what works for you! I sat down and wrote… Continue reading 55 Things to Track in Your Bullet Journal

A Look Inside My Bullet Journal

When it comes to my blog, my ideas come to me late at night or when I am out of the house. This means my ideas are usually in lots of different places at once. Usually, my notes are scribbled across old notebooks in the box under my bed or saved as a draft text… Continue reading A Look Inside My Bullet Journal

My Favourite Bullet Journal Supplies

For months, I have seen bullet journals all over the Internet. Everywhere I look there is washi tape, beautiful notebooks, colourful keys and lives being organised into diagrams, charts, and monthly spreads. It has always seemed like the perfect way to practice mindfulness, improve organisation and increase productivity. This year I decided to get creative and… Continue reading My Favourite Bullet Journal Supplies

Blogmas Day 21: Homemade Hot Chocolates!

It's Blogmas Day 21 already?! I just know I am going to miss this so much. On cold days I just love having a delicious hot chocolate to keep me warm! This year I've decided to try making some with real chocolate rather than the powered stuff you can buy in the shops. This is a… Continue reading Blogmas Day 21: Homemade Hot Chocolates!

Blogmas Day 11: Girls vs Guys – Gingerbread House competition

It's Blogmas Day 11!  Today me and Will went to see my sister Sinead, her boyfriend Joe, my brother Matthew and his girlfriend Bethany. Together we listened to Christmas music and decorated some gingerbread houses we'd bought from IKEA. The kits included all the pieces of the house already baked, we just had to decorate them and… Continue reading Blogmas Day 11: Girls vs Guys – Gingerbread House competition