Kith and Kin by Sophie Bowns

I received a free copy of Kith and Kin in return for an honest review.  Book: Kith and Kin Author: Sophie Bowns Pages: 264 Genre: Drama / Period Drama Age Recommendation: 12+ Published:11/09/2016 Amazon Goodreads ★★★★ Set during the Industrial Revolution, Kith and Kin is very different to the fantasy novels I so often find myself engrossed in.… Continue reading Kith and Kin by Sophie Bowns

Always with Love by Giovanna Fletcher

Perhaps I'm too emotionally invested in Sophie and Billy's relationship to give a totally unbiased review but I am going to give it a try...   Book: Always with Love Author: Giovanna Fletcher Pages: 400 (paperback) Genre: Romance Age Recommendation: 15+ Published:02/06/2016 Publisher: Penguin ISBN: 9781405919180 ★★★★ Last year, I read Giovanna's debut novel Billy & Me and… Continue reading Always with Love by Giovanna Fletcher

Bookish Halloween Costume Ideas

We're already 2 weeks into October so I thought it'd be fun to make a list of bookish costume ideas that might help you out in the run up to Halloween!   Matilda (Matilda) This one is pretty easy. All you need is a blue dress a red ribbon and, of course, you'll need to carry… Continue reading Bookish Halloween Costume Ideas