A Look Inside My Bullet Journal

When it comes to my blog, my ideas come to me late at night or when I am out of the house. This means my ideas are usually in lots of different places at once. Usually, my notes are scribbled across old notebooks in the box under my bed or saved as a draft text… Continue reading A Look Inside My Bullet Journal

Review: Paperchase’s Book Journal

This week I finally decided to spend my Paperchase gift card that I received for Christmas from my grandparents. I mostly bought sign pens in every colour but I also bought a little Book Journal for just £8 and I had to share it with you! The perfect companion for any book lover, this little journal is a great way… Continue reading Review: Paperchase’s Book Journal

Blogmas Day 18: Wrapping Presents and Writing Christmas Cards

Today is Blogmas day 18 and me, Billy the dog and Stanley the cat have been writing Christmas cards and wrapping everyone's presents!  This year, my wrapping paper and cards are from Next. I also bought a little stamp from Paperchase to add festive cheer to the envelopes! I love wrapping presents nearly as much… Continue reading Blogmas Day 18: Wrapping Presents and Writing Christmas Cards

Blogmas Day 16: Preparing for Toy Day on Animal Crossing New Leaf

That's right. I am not only worrying about Christmas shopping IRL, I still have to buy all my villagers presents for Toy Day on ACNL. 9 Days to go! This was taken last week. Every year, the snow starts at the beginning of December before the snow storm hits on the 10th. This is my… Continue reading Blogmas Day 16: Preparing for Toy Day on Animal Crossing New Leaf

Blogmas Day 8: My Christmas Jumpers!

It's Blogmas Day 8! Christmas jumpers are one of my favourite things about Christmas. Each year I add another to my collection. I love seeing everybody's Christmas jumpers so today I thought I would show you my little collection! My first ever Christmas jumper! Featuring a Skiing Santa! This one was from the Primark Men's… Continue reading Blogmas Day 8: My Christmas Jumpers!