Blogmas Day 8: Murder Mystery Night

On Friday 13th, my Dad hosted a 1920’s themed Murder Mystery Night. Here’s a few photos from the night.

The night was 1920’s, ‘Night at the Theatre’ themed so we all had a good excuse to dress up! We received our name tags and basic character backgrounds before the event so we already knew a little bit about our characters before the mystery began.

After a search for the 9 potential murder weapons, we all gathered round to share clues about the murder and the suspects in the room – often having to act out events or read transcripts with the other guests. We were slowly discovering more information about our characters and the role they might have played!

I shared my costume with Billy the dog. He loved the faux fur shawl and I think he looked the part!

We each were given secret traits to put into action throughout the night. Mine was to dance randomly throughout the night. My other half, Will, had to act progressively more drunk as the night went on. Others had to steal drinks, crack jokes and even make mean comments about people’s clothes.

Billy and Shera loved joining in.
Billy and Shera loved joining in.

The night involved lots of clues, lots of note taking and lots of group discussions – we took this mystery very seriously!

At the end of the night we had to fill in a card with who we thought the murderer was. It wasn’t easy at all but most of us guessed it right! (Guessed being the key word there!)

We also had to nominate guests for the awards of Best Actor and Best Costume. Will won the award for the best acting after his great performance as a drunken golfer. I won the award for best costume!

Me in my costume and Will continuing to be in character!

We all had a great night and can’t wait to take part in more Murder Mystery Nights in the future!

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend!
Shannon x

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