Blogmas Day 6: Making Clay Decorations

It’s been a bit of a creative Christmas this year! Here is another easy DIY decoration…

You will need:
Air drying white clay (I found my clay in Hobbycraft)
Star cutters
Knitting needle/something to make a hole in the clay
A rolling pin
String (I used jute string)

Roll out the clay on a flat surface and cut out the star shapes. Use the knitting needle, or your alternative, to make a small hole in the top of the stars if you want to hang them up later. I also made some smaller stars that I could add to existing decorations around the house.

Leave the stars to dry. I used air drying clay from Hobbycraft and my decorations were dry within 2 days.

I threaded string through the holes I made in my stars and tied it in a loop so that they can be hung on the tree.

I added some of my smaller clay stars to some wire fairy lights. I did this by twisting the copper wire around the stars so that it alternates between stars and lights.

You could also use wire to add these clay stars to wreaths and garlands or tie them onto Christmas presents with string!

I hope you’re having a lovely week and remember to do something festive so you can enjoy the holiday season!

Shannon x

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