Blogmas Day 5: Decorating a Winter Garland

Another easy, festive DIY!

You will need:
A plain garland
Battery powered fairy lights
Fir cones
Artificial berries
Dried orange slices
PVA glue
White acrylic paint
A couple of small paint brushes
String or wire to attach the decorations to the garland

To decorate the berries
Mix a little bit of glitter with some PVA glue to make a glittery paste. Paint this onto the berries to make them look frosty.

To decorate the fir cones
Using a small paint brush, dab white paint around the tips of the fir cone to make it look snowy. Once the white paint has dried, you could always add the glitter and glue combination to make them sparkle too!

  1. Wrap the battery powered fairy lights around the garland so that they cover the length of the garland
  2. Attached the berries, fir cones and orange slices using wire or string

I hope you’ve had a lovely first week of December!
Shannon x

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