My Autumn Checklist

Autumn is my favourite time of year but with Christmas just around the corner (and in every store!) it often feels like the season is over in a flash! I love to fill my time with as many seasonal things as possible; whether that is through what I eat, the things I bake, the movies I watch or the photos I capture. Here’s a checklist of some of the things I like to tick off each year to make sure I’m making the most of my favourite season!

Adventures & Crafts

Autumn walk
DIY decorations
Autumn Festival
Pumpkin picking
Pumpkin carving
Halloween & Autumn shopping
Bonfire Night with the family

Food & Drink

Homemade soup
Ginger biscuits
A fruit pie or crumble
A Halloween treat
Toffee Apples
A seasonal hot drink
Apple Cider

Photos to Take

Autumn leaves
Home dΓ©cor
Autumn baking
Cozy day in
An autumnal book

Things To Watch

Gilmore Girls
The Addams Family
Hocus Pocus
Over the Garden Wall

Now I’m looking at this list, I feel like I really need to start planning some Autumn walks or crack on with baking some Autumn themed biscuits! I hope my checklist inspires you to embrace the season too!

Shannon x

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