15 Instagram Accounts for Autumn Inspiration | 2019

Autumn is my favourite time of year. But with the countdown to Christmas just around the corner and shops putting out their Christmas decorations earlier each year, I find my favourite season often comes and goes very quickly. So I like to embrace Autumn as much as I can and I get a lot of my inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram.

This post is becoming a bit of a tradition! Many of the accounts I share each year are no longer active but there are still lots of great accounts out there, so here’s an updated list of accounts to follow that will give you all those fall feelings!

The Pumpkin Queen
A beautiful feed full of golden, autumnal photos! Plus they share their fall-themed finds on Instagram stories which is great for inspiration!


Fox & Spice
Fox & Spice returns for another year to share all their amazing seasonal finds and never fails to make me insanely jealous that we don’t have all the same stores in the UK!!!


October Always
Full of Autumn, Halloween and all things spooky! Elizabeth Anne’s account is packed with Halloween vibes and makes me feel ready to embrace October to the fullest!


This is definitely a favourite of mine! Jerianie’s photos are so beautiful, the colours are incredible and all of the photos inspire me to journey outdoors and start taking some photos!

Autumn Cabin
This account is packed with all things autumnal! From golden leaves to Halloween movies and yummy treats!


Cold Seasons Lover
Another from last years list! This account has a perfect balance between crisp autumn and cosy winter. I love seeing pictures of pumpkins and lattes but I also love the reminder that Christmas is also on its way!


Autumn First Babe
From fall decor to Halloween bakes this account is full of original content that can fulfil your autumnal needs 365 days a year!

The Autumn Collective
This account shares beautiful shots of cosy knitwear, cute cottages and rustic décor!


Bats Cats and Witch Hats
Another account with all original content – Shelby is a lover of all things Autumn, Halloween and Horror!


Hallow Fall
Another account to follow if you love fall and spooky vibes all year round! This is another fall lover who shares all things autumn from cosy sweaters to golden leaves to Halloween decorations.


Autumn in New England
I started following this account because I have always thought New England looks beautiful in the fall. Autumn in New England shares photos of their adventures throughout fall and winter in New England!


Autumn Seasons Lover
This account is less about baking or decor and more about beautiful autumnal walks, rainy days and golden leaves! Definitely worth a follow if you enjoy the cool air and long walks in the fall!

Zoe Sugg
From the first day of Autumn, Zoe’s feed always changes to nothing but pumpkins, golden leaves and autumnal home decor. This is a screenshot of Zoe’s feed last year to give you an idea. Nothing makes me more excited for Autumn than seeing other people embracing it too!

Haunting Autumn
Golden leaves, rainy evenings and woodland views; this account makes you long for cosy jumpers and outdoor adventures.

Cinnamon and Cloves
Harry Potter, castles and cats – what’s not to love?! Emily shares a variety of autumnal photos to brighten up your feed.

I just love seeing all the golden leaves and pumpkins filling up my feed – it makes me feel less sad that summer is ending and excited for the colder months to come!

I hope these accounts leave you feeling inspired!

Shannon x

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