30 Day Self-Care Challenge

We are all aware of the importance of self-care but its still one of things we’re all guilty of pushing aside without a second thought. I always use the excuse of “There’s too much I should be doing instead” or “I don’t have time” and yet those are probably the times I should be trying even harder to look after myself!

Just taking a little bit of time for yourself each day can make such a difference to your mood and your mental health. Have a glass of water when you wake up in the morning. Listen to a podcast on your way to work. Read one chapter of a book before bed each night. There’s always something you could do for a little me-time!

Here’s some ideas for simple self-care than you can do each day:

List 5 Things That Made You Smile

Drink More Water

Go to Bed Early

Have a 1 Hour Digital Detox

Spend 15 Minutes Listening to music (even if it’s just while you do housework or take a shower!)

Wake Up Early

Cuddle with a pet! Or a partner! Or even just curl up with a duvet and a hot drink!

List 5 Things You are Grateful For!

Organise a space in your home – even if it’s just a cupboard, a drawer or your bedside table!

Read a chapter of a book – you might find you read more!

Watch an episode of your favourite show

Message a friend or a family member

Meditate for 5-10 minutes

Go for a Walk

List 5 (or more!) Things You Love About Yourself

Have Something Special for Breakfast! Pancakes? Waffles? Full English?

Learn Something New! Perhaps a new skill, a new exercise, some new facts about a topic you enjoy.

Take a bubble bath! Get some magazines, candles, wine, a movie – treat yourself!!!

Do some stretching exercises!

Bake something!

Wear something that makes you feel great! I love my yoga pants and oversized t-shirts but it’s nice to have a change

Buy yourself some flowers to brighten your day

Watch a movie you haven’t seen before

Treat yourself and order in dinner!

Spend some time colouring

Do something you’ve been putting off! Especially those little jobs that will only take 2 minutes.

Listen to a podcast. I love listening to podcasts on my way to and from work each day!

Cook a healthy meal

Watch a documentary

Take some photos of things that make you smile

Whenever I find myself feeling a bit overwhelmed or rushed of my feet, I love to sit down with a cup of tea and read a chapter of a book. Or watch a film I’ve never seen before. No matter how small, taking time for myself always makes me feel like I’ve achieved something!

What are some of the things you do to look after yourself each day?

Shannon x

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