7 Days in New York: Adventures on a Budget

Post 4 of 5 – Our adventures in NYC and the things we got up to that didn’t require spending a lot of money!

Something we heard a lot before we went to New York City was that we’d need to save up loads of money because every to do is really expensive and that we’d end up doing a lot shopping. This turned out not to be the case at all! In fact, we were so busy off on our little adventures that we hardly had time to spend money. Here’s 5 things we did in NYC that didn’t require spending money…

Central Park

Central Park is one of those iconic places you just have to visit. And it looks beautiful no matter what the weather is like or what time of year it is (we were lucky enough to see it in the snow!!!)

I’m not usually much of a big city person so walking around central park was a beautiful escape from the busy streets. It’s quiet, peaceful and so fun to explore!

Brooklyn Bridge & DUMBO

Another iconic landmark that’s worth a visit is the Brooklyn Bridge. We walked over the bridge which took about 20-30 minutes because it was really busy up there! Not just because people are trying to get in or out of the city but lots of people having professional photo shoots or simply lying on the floor while their friends try and get the perfect shot for Instagram. It was total madness but once you realise what you’re up against it’s a lot of fun. On the other side, there’s Brooklyn Bridge Park and DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) that make amazing spots to relax, take photos and enjoy the view of the city.


Throughout the week, we spent a lot of time seeing all the sights. From the Flatiron Building, Times Square and Washington Square Park to locations from our favourite films and TV shows (e.g. Friends apartment building and 91st St Gardens from You’ve Got Mail were a big deal for us!) We made a list of all the locations we wanted to find before we went and added them to our itinerary for each area of Manhattan.

Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island was one of my favourite adventures of the trip and being by the river reminded me of being back in my hometown. We went on a sunny Sunday afternoon and it was beautiful and so peaceful! Roosevelt Island is linked to Manhattan by an aerial tramway that you can travel on using a MetroCard. The island is about 800m wide and 2 miles long so you can wander around it in a couple of hours. Previously used as an island for hospitals and a prison, the island now features historical sites, beautiful parks and offers an incredible view of the city. There are also cats everywhere and a little cat sanctuary which is perefect for a cat lover like me!

Street Art

Finally, street art! There are so many incredible pieces across Manhattan by various artists. We researched some of the best ones before we went and tracked some down when the weather was nice. It’s a good excuse for a walk around and a great way to see more of the city that you don’t really see when you’re heading from landmark to landmark. The ones in the photographs above are just a few in the city by the artist Kobra.

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