How to make covers for Instagram Highlights

You know how sometimes it just feels like time for a change? January always makes me feel this way. I recently felt like making some little changes to my blog and my Instagram. I’ve made a new banner, new featured images and new covers for my Instagram Highlights.

When making changes, I love looking at other blogs for inspiration! So this week I thought I’d share with you how I made my covers.


To make my covers, I love to use Canva (this isn’t an ad, I just love Canva!!!)Most features are free to use and you can access your designs either on the website or the app so it’s perfect for creative projects big or small, at home or on the go!

Canva offers loads of free templates including posters, book covers, Facebook banners and Instagram posts. You can edit everything in the template by clicking on it.

Choosing a Theme

I wanted my new covers to match the theme I usually have going on my Instagram feed which is usually warm shades with lots of yellow and orange. If you don’t have a theme you could pick a favourite colour or colour palette.

An example of a Canva colour palette based on one of my photos from Instagram

There are loads of sites online that will generate a palette for you. Canva will create a palette based on an example image or an image of your own so if you wanted to, you could upload a favourite photo from your feed and see what colours it suggests!

Making the Covers

I’m off on holiday to New York next month so I decided to make a cover that I will be able to use for my highlights whilst I’m there.

I chose a new background image that features the same colours as my feed. I found this free image in the Canva image library; you can also upload a picture of your own or chose a solid colour. Canva also gives you the option to add more text or icons.

I edited the text in the template to say what my highlights will be about and I changed the fonts to match the fonts I use on my blog.

I made a new cover for each of my highlights including my favourite season Autumn, Christmas 2018, my holiday to Disneyland and New York.

I had so much fun getting creative this weekend and am so happy with my finished covers. I hope this post inspires you if you’re looking to update your covers too!

Shannon x

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