DIY Christmas Hamper Gift Idea!

This year I wanted to get my grandparents a food hamper for Christmas. I looked at a lot of hampers online but there was always something in each one that I knew wasn’t suitable. For example my nan isn’t a fan of shortbread or there was always a Christmas cake which I know they will already have and wouldn’t need a second one. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and create my own!

I’ve found this to be such a great present idea, you can collect the pieces over time (remember to check the best before dates!) and it’s something other people can get involved in too to make it extra special!

The basket was provided by my mum. She lined it with some beautiful material, wrapped the handle in some gold, Christmas ribbon and added some sparkly pine cones!

As for the contents, we added a bottle of red and a bottle of white wine that we know my grandparents love. These ones are an Italian Pinot Grigio and Merlot called 789 from Sainsbury’s.

My grandparents love M&S food (who doesn’t?!) so I found most of the contents of the hamper at my local store. I bought lots of their favourites including pickled onions, piccalilli and olives.

I added some classic mince pies because I know you can never have enough of those at Christmas time! I also found a cute tin of Jacob’s crackers in Asda which is also a must have in my family and is such a perfect size to add some variation to the hamper.

My nan loves dates so I tracked some down in M&S that had a good use by date!

Finally, some M&S confectionery. These boxes make such great gifts and M&S have lots of choices so there’s always something for everyone. I picked 2 of Nan and Grandads favourites 
cherry liqueurs and Turkish delight.

I am so happy with the outcome of my DIY hamper and can’t wait to give it to my Nan and Grandad this Christmas!

I hope you are having a lovely December!

Shannon x

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