DIY Christmas Centrepiece idea!

I’ve been waiting to make a festive centrepiece for months now, especially after seeing loads of gorgeous variations popping up all over Pinterest. So this December, I made my own festive centrepiece! 

I came up with my centrepiece based on a few different designs that I’ve seen. It’s so much fun to have a play around with candles and decorations to see what looks best!

For my base, I used a log slice. All of my local craft stores were sold out of log slices but it turns out eBay was a good a place as any. Mine cost around £4 which was a bargain and it looks lovely and rustic! 

I used 4 candles in my centrepiece. 3 basic pillar candles at different heights for a bit of variation. I chose white to match to match a lot of the Christmas decorations on my tree. You could also use the battery powered pillar candles or jars of fairylights!

I also wanted more of a statement candle, I searched everywhere for a copper, rustic looking pillar candle but couldn’t find an affordable option that was in stock (typical, right?!). After looking in loads of stores I came home and decided to try adding this owl candle I received for Christmas last year. I actually really loved it (again, typical huh?!) so the owl candle has found a new home on my centrepiece!

To decorate, I added some sprigs of artificial eucalyptus that I found on eBay. I placed these around the bottom of the candles as well as star anise and a few sparkly fir cones!

I love an excuse to get crafty and am so happy with my new festive centrepiece. Have you tried any fun, festive DIYs this year?

Shannon x

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