Disneyland Paris Part 1: Newport Bay Hotel and Feeling Festive

In case you haven’t seen my endless posts on Instagram, I’ve just got back from Disneyland Paris where I celebrated my 24th birthday and embraced the magic of Christmas!

Whilst I was there I took hundreds of photos and although I won’t post all of them, I just couldn’t wait to share some of the best ones with you. 

Ears by Luby&Lola, bag from Pull & Bear was an early Birthday present from Will

We went to Disneyland for 5 days and we stayed in the New England themed, Newport Bay hotel. Each morning we could have an amazing breakfast buffet, we could always get free hot drinks, and the park was just a 5 minute walk away. I never wanted to leave!

Will and me in front of Newport Bay hotel – one of our new favourite places!
This tree is covered in anchors, sailing boats and shells! Sooo beautiful!

I’d been to Disneyland before but it had been at least 10 years since my last visit and Will had never been so it was really exciting for both of us! We were both a bit worried about not knowing a lot of French but everyone at the park speaks amazing English and all shows, music and most rides etc are 50% French 50% English so we never had any problems keeping up. We were also worried it’d be freezing cold and raining but it was mild most days and only rained a little bit on our last day. We wrapped up warm anyway so that we could face any queues! Nothing was going to stand between me and a new ride! 😀 

Will and me in front of our other favourite place – the castle!

Each day there was always something magical happening around the park whether that was a Christmas parade, an incredible illumination show, a Christmas singalong with Mickey Mouse around a huge Christmas tree or a pretend (but very beautiful) snow flurry! Here’s a few pictures from the Christmas parade complete with a pretend snow flurry…

That’s all I’ll share for this post (or it might never end haha) but for day 4 of 12 Days of Blogmas I’ll be back with more photos from my birthday and more adventures in Disneyland!

I hope you’re having a magical December so far!

Shannon x

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