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My First Festive Bake of The Holiday Season!

It’s Blogmas Day 1!

This is my third Blogmas and I am so excited! I love sharing my Christmas with you each year and I love reading about how everyone else is spending the holiday season! This year I will be bringing you 12 Days of Blogmas on alternate days so make sure you check back to see what I have been up to and remember to share links to your festive posts in the comments 😀

If you’re reading this on day one, I am currently busy getting in the holiday spirit at Disneyland Paris (blog post coming soon!!) So I thought I’d start this year’s blogmas with my first and favourite festive bake of the season – Mince Pies…

Mince pies are one of my favourite things about Christmas and baking my own at home remind me of being a little kid helping my mum bake mince pies for Santa. They make your home smell so festive and are a perfect festive treat to serve to guests or bring with you to family gatherings.

I just love to pop on a Christmas movie (see a list of my favourites here…) and get baking…

First I use butter to grease a shallow bun tin.

To save time, I’ve been using bags of shortcrust pastry mix to make the pastry. They’re very affordable and all you need to do is add water so it’s nice and quick to whip up at a moments notice.

Once the pastry has been made you need to roll it out to about 3mm thick and cut small circles to make the bases. I’ve always used a glass or cup that’s slightly wider than the circles in the bun tin. You could use a round cookie cutter.

Place each base into the bun tin and add a heaped teaspoon of mince pie filling into each one.

With the leftover pastry, I use little Christmas cookie cutters in the shape of stars, gingerbread men, trees and stockings to create festive toppers for each pie.

Brush milk onto the exposed pastry and pop them into the oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes or until golden.

Leave the pies to cool before sprinkling some icing sugar over them.


Do you have a favourite festive treat? Let me know in the comments

I hope you’re having a magical 1st December!
Shannon x

5 thoughts on “My First Festive Bake of The Holiday Season!”

  1. I’ve already had my first mince pie of the season, but I didn’t bake it myself. I usually make festive biscuits because my boyfriend isn’t a big fan of mince pies, so we bake things that we both like such as cinnamon cookies. Happy baking 🙂

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