Things That Made Me Smile This Month | October 2018

My favourite month of the year was a hectic one. There was always something happening and it seemed like everything I owned was breaking on me one by one. Despite all the madness, I had a lovely month embracing Autumn and getting in the Halloween spirit! Here are some of the things that made me smile this month…

Decorating for Autumn
I finished decorating the flat for Autumn and Halloween. I just loved seeing the pumpkins and golden leaves scattered around each room!

IMG_20181019_155847_559.jpgThe Pumpkin Festival
I went to the pumpkin festival and had such a great day out seeing some of the UK’s biggest pumpkins.

IMG_20181014_185204_146.jpgAutumn Baking
I didn’t find as much time to bake as I would have liked but I did try making some pumpkin biscuits which was a first and great fun!

IMG_20181010_201708_280.jpgRainy Days Indoors
The weather cooled down a bit this month and I spent many cosy afternoons tucked up reading Harry Potter or watching Halloween films. Perfect!

1539289536678.jpgRainy Autumn Walks
I just loved getting outside and seeing how beautiful and autumnal everything looked!

DSC_0505.JPGCatching Up With Family
As always, catching up with my family made me very happy. And of course, cuddles with my best friend, Billy the dog.

IMG_20181012_100730_583.jpgSeasonal Drinks in Seasonal Mugs
Autumnal coffees and hot chocolates in massive Halloween mugs made each day better. And it kept me in the Halloween spirit even when I was Christmas shopping online!!!

IMG_20181030_143955_455.jpgOver The Garden Wall
My favourite October tradition: watching Over The Garden Wall. We light pumpkin scented candles, turn on the fairy lights, make lots of snacks and have the cosiest night in!

IMG_20181021_202922_387.jpgPumpkin Picking
I went pumpkin picking for the first time had the best time!

I had the cosiest Halloween. I spent the afternoon catching up with my family, eating sweets and watching Paranorman. Then I came home to carve my pumpkin and watch Halloween!


I hope you had a lovely October too and that you’re enjoying November so far!

I’m sorry I won’t be as active on the blog this month because I’m relaxing a bit in the run up to Blogmas! You can still find me on Instagram! 🙂

Shannon x

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