Autumn Adventures: The Pumpkin Festival

Last Autumn I attended my local pumpkin festival for the first time. I knew then that this would be something I look forward to every year. There’s food, lots of stalls, live music and some of the biggest pumpkins in the UK so it’s a really great opportunity to get outdoors. On the morning of the festival, the weather was really awful but by 1 o’clock the sun was shining and it felt like summertime. It seemed like everybody rushed to the festival to enjoy the sun so it was far too busy to get as many photos as last year, but here are some photos from the event including lots of giant pumpkins and the gorgeous little fabric pumpkin that I brought home with me!


This pumpkin broke the record for the UK’s heaviest pumpkin at 174 stone with a 20ft circumference!

Whilst it is only a little festival (and I would love to go to one of those big, picturesque pumpkin festivals you see on Pinterest and Instagram!!!) I am so happy we got to go to the festival again this year, it is such a great day out and always makes me want to learn to grow pumpkins too!

Shannon x

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