Things That Made Me Smile This Month| September 2018

I was so busy enjoying autumn I completely forgot to share the things that made me smile in September! These are my favourite posts to look back on so despite the fact we’re now well into October, it’s better late than never!

IMG_20180902_195456_729.jpgFamily BBQ
We kicked off September with a family gathering to celebrate my younger brother going off to pursue a new adventure with the army! It was a beautiful sunny day with lovely food and great company.

1537031037549.jpgFollowing Dreams
Matthew went off on his adventure with the army and whilst I miss him I know he’s having an amazing time and I’m so happy for him!

IMG_20180908_101337_871.jpgMy New Seasonal Duvet
I had this hidden away in the cupboard for a couple of months so I was so excited to finally use it! It was from George at Asda so it was really affordable and I know I’ll be just as excited to bring it out every autumn.

IMG_20180913_122708_112.jpgBringing out the old fall decorations
Another gem that’s been hidden away since last year. This one cost around £2 from eBay last summer. It’s like bringing out all the Christmas decorations! It’s so exciting to rediscover all the little things.

IMG_20180923_204229_852.jpgMaking new decorations
In September, I made my first autumn wreath! I enjoyed it so much and I really can’t wait to make more wreaths in the future.

DSC_0454.JPGAn Autumnal Day Out
I spent the day with my sister looking around the shops, drinking seasonal lattes, smelling all the pumpkin spice candles and looking at everyone’s Halloween decorations!

DSC_0469.JPGSeasonal Treats
I tried to buy some fun Halloween things last October but the shops were already stocked up with Christmas decorations! I started shopping early this year and found so many great things that I am so excited to be using this autumn.

DSC_0492.JPGLots of Movie Days
The best thing about the darker evenings and weather getting colder is I don’t feel guilty snuggling up under a big blanket with a cup of seasonal coffee, in front of a great movie. I’ve had a Harry Potter marathon, Lord of the Rings marathon and I’m now onto The Hobbit. It has been perfect!

DSC_0499.JPGSunday Night Football
American football is back! I love my Sunday nights in with Will, watching the football and eating lots of yummy food.

IMG_20180924_230313_730.jpgThe Harvest Moon
Whenever something exciting is happening in the sky, I usually can’t see it because of cloud cover or the good old British weather. In September, I read about the Harvest Moon and never thought I would get to see it but I was lucky enough to have an amazing view and capture some photos of the beautiful moon.

I hope September was good to you and that you’re enjoying October so far.
I’ve got lots of fun things planned for the next few months, I’m so excited to share it all with you!

Shannon x

2 thoughts on “Things That Made Me Smile This Month| September 2018”

    1. Ahh thank you so much! I love writing these posts because it reminds me of all the little happy things that happen each month. I hope you’re having a lovely October 🧡


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