A Day at Marwell Zoo

This week we went on a little adventure to Marwell Zoo in Winchester!
Marwell is a 140-acre zoo that is home to over 1700 animals. It’s one of those places everyone goes from a young age, on school trips or family days out in the summer but there’s also always something new and exciting to see so you just know that it’ll be a great day out!

Marwell is home to a colony of friendly Humboldt penguins, giraffes, Arabian oryx, Amur tigers, leopards and cheetahs.

You can also get up close to red-necked wallabies, meerkats and yellow mongooses.

The most recent exhibit at Marwell is the sustainable tropical house and it is magical! You come face to face with a diversity of wildlife and exotic plants in a tropical climate. It’s so hot in there but if you can hang around long enough you can spot birds such as Sclater’s crowned pigeons, Burmese mountain tortoises and large exotic butterflies that seemed to love landing my head! There’s also a sloth, alligators and Goliath beetles but I wasn’t lucky enough to spot these during my visit.

Marwell also has an amazing Aviary where you can get up close to some amazing birds like black-winged stilts, and Village weavers and Hamerkops birds creating their amazing nests. I was too distracted to think to take a photo but look them up if you get a chance – they’re amazing!

The weather is still really hot in the UK at the moment and it definitely seemed to be getting too much for some of the animals I would usually expect to see at Marwell. But it also seemed to bring out some of the animals I usually miss like the Asian small-clawed otters! I could have happily watched them play in the river for hours.

Finally here’s a little look at Marwell Hall and the grounds. It’s the perfect, picturesque spot to stop for a picnic!

I loved my day out at Marwell and it was so nice to get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine as well as learn so much about the animals there. I hope you’re having a lovely summer and getting to enjoy some beautiful weather too!

Shannon x

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