Things That Made Me Smile This Month | June 2018

June was a strange month. It was tiring and emotional and full of lots of hard work. We booked an amazing holiday to New York for next year and then Tui’s system lost our booking leaving us devastated. We got a full refund so we’re going to book another holiday but definitely not with Tui this time! My family also lost a furry little friend this month. Our cat Stan was very old and fragile but he was the most loving cat I’ve ever met and we’re going to miss him so much. But June wasn’t all bad, it also came with more gorgeous weather and beautiful days out in the sun! Here are a few of the things that made me smile this month…

Will’s Birthday
Will and I had a few days off together for his birthday. The weather was rubbish so we stayed home, ate the coffee cake I made him and watched lots of movies. We also went to the cinema to watch the new Jurassic World movie and we both really enjoyed it!

Eve of Man 
June was a great month for reading. I finished rereading Prisoner of Azkaban and then I read Eve of Man by Giovanna and Tom Fletcher. I’ve read a fair share of YA and every now and then I find a series that I just know is going to be special to me. It’s the same excitement I felt reading The Hunger Games, The Mortal Instruments, Maze Runner and much more recently The Souls Untethered Saga. Eve of Man is definitely something special. I’ll post a review soon but for now, just know I was hooked from the start!

My Hogwarts Satchel
When Tui lost our holiday we were devastated. I cried with excitement when we booked it so losing it really hurt. I know I will get to book another holiday but to help start the healing process Will bought himself an England shirt and I got this amazing Hogwarts Letter Satchel from Primark for just £12. I love it so much!

This month I found out my best friend is getting married! I’ve got a beautiful bridesmaid dress and her plans are all coming together. I am so excited!!! I also found the perfect dress to wear to a wedding next year so it’s been a great time for wedding news in my household.

This month I have spent a lot more time trying to look after myself. It’s little things like taking my makeup off before bed, taking my A-Z vitamins daily, eating lots of fruit and veg, drinking more water, exercising regularly, I finally stopped biting my nails (a habit I’ve been trying to break since I first had teeth) and I’ve been trying to read before bed each night. I’m feeling so much better for it!

More Sunny Adventures 
Picnics in the park, tan lines, freckly cheeks, ducklings everywhere and some of the biggest dragonflies I’ve ever seen. Britain is still having a strangely beautiful summer time and we’re trying to soak up every second of it!

Can you believe it’s July already? In August last year, I was drafting Blogmas and I’m definitely not ready for that yet. I hope you’ve been enjoying some beautiful summer weather too!

I’m trying to post more regularly this month but you can always find me on Instagram (@shannonminns)  Come and say hi!

Shannon x

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