Things That Made Me Smile This Month | April 2018

My no.1 favourite things about writing these posts each month: I felt like this month went so fast but writing this post made me remember things I did at the beginning of the month that I’d completely forgotten about. I didn’t get to blog a lot last month but April was still pretty great!

As always, baking made me smile this month! It was a day off work that I’d usually use for catching up on housework but Will actually wanted to bake something so we came up with this Nutella and Kinder Bueno cake based on some recipes we’d seen on Pinterest. It was delicious!


Catching up with everyone
Whether that was seeing old friends, spending time with new friends or finally catching up with family, April was the time when we all seemed to realise 2018 is going pretty fast so we should probably catch up now before any more time passes.

The heatwave
Can you believe last month it was snowing and this month I was going outside in summer dresses? I can’t. Where I live, the heatwave lasted about 4 days which was just long enough for me to go on some long walks, get a tan line and gain lots of freckles! It was the most sun we’d had since last summer so it was very exciting. Here’s a little post about one of my adventures.

Movie day with Will
We had a day off right at the end of the heatwave and our plan was to go for a picnic. The moment we left the flat it started raining so we ended up having a picnic on our living room floor, drinking cider and watching movies all day. There was the biggest thunderstorm that evening so we were both really happy we decided not to go out!!!

Spring finally arriving
Spring tried to show up in March but the snow kept coming back and destroying all the flowers (it kind of felt like we were living in an endless winter). After the heatwave, all the flowers grew again, suddenly all the trees grew new leaves and the world is finally green again!

Yasmin’s birthday
30th April was my best friend’s birthday and we got to spend time with her and her partner Lewis for the first time this year!!! We went out for dinner, finally exchanged Christmas presents (how bad is that?!) and had a very long overdue catch-up.

A day out with Mum
Mum and me went on an adventure in the New Forest. We went to our favourite places, Burley and Highcliffe beach. We had delicious hot chocolates at Highcliffe castle and I got to test out my new telephoto lens!


April was a great month and it was so nice to finally see some sun after all that snow! I’m hoping May will bring lots more sun and new adventures but I will try and blog more this time!!!

I hope you had a great month too!

Shannon x

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