Sunny Day Adventures!

Ever since 2 very rare and very heavy snowfalls last month, I’ve been desperate for some sun and last week we had a heatwave! 

British weather is a funny thing but nobody’s complaining this time. It was at least 20°C every day which is probably the warmest it’s been since September. Whilst it didn’t last long, the sun is still showing its face every day and everyone’s been sunbathing and hosting BBQs. Some people have set up their paddling pools already. I’ve got about 1000 new freckles. It’s madness.

Because of the sudden change in weather I haven’t really been baking, reading or planning blog posts. Honestly, I stopped keeping track of the days and me and Will have been heading out to enjoy the sun every chance we get. For all we know it might snow again next month so we’re going to make the most of this!!!

So this just a little post to say: Hey! I’m sorry I’ve been pretty absent this month but I’ve been out enjoying the rare sunshine.

Here are some photos from our time out in the sun, all taken in the same location as the snow day photos – I can’t believe how different a place can look in just a month!






I hope April has been treating you just as well!
Shannon x

1 thought on “Sunny Day Adventures!”

  1. […] The heatwave Can you believe last month it was snowing and this month I was going outside in summer dresses? I can’t. Where I live, the heatwave lasted about 4 days which was just long enough for me to go on some long walks, get a tan line and gain lots of freckles! It was the most sun we’d had since last summer so it was very exciting. Here’s a little post about one of my adventures. […]


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