Making Easter Egg Cards

It may be snowing outside (AGAIN!) but inside I’ve been welcoming Spring by baking cakes and making handmade Easter cards!

Things you’ll need:
Cutting Mat
Craft knife
Coloured card


Step 1: Find and cut out a stencil
I made this stencil myself, you could use this one, find a free printable online or design your own! I started by drawing the Easter egg shape and then filled it with daisies – I made sure that all the flowers were touching so when I cut out my design there would be no loose petals.

Step 2: Cutting out your design
Next, choose a piece of plain card and fold it in half like a greetings card.
Opening up the card, you need to draw your design onto the left-hand page. Cutting from behind like this means the design you’ll see on the outside of the card will be clean and tidy. You also won’t have to rub out the lines because they’ll be hidden away on the inside!


Step 3: Adding Colour
After cutting out the design, choose another sheet of card, this time in a different colour or pattern. Again, fold it in half like a greetings card and stick it to the inside of your design. This piece of card will then show through the design you’ve cut out on the front.


Step 4: “There’s always time for a bow!”
Using another piece of card, cut out a thin strip the same width as your egg. This will be the ribbon that goes around the egg.
Then using the same card, make a bow. I made mine likethis using a template like this but there are lots of other designs on sites like Pinterest that you could use.

Step 5: Attach the bow
To attach the bow, I used a thin layer of PVA glue and tucked the ends of the ribbon under the edge of my cut design.

Step 6: Cutting out the egg
This step is probably optional because I found they looked cute either way! I cut the cards around the edge of my design, leaving a little bit of room around the edges so that the card would still fold. I cut a little bit off the base of the cards to make a flat edge so they could stand without rolling away*!!!

*I learned that last bit from experience, can you tell? haha

Are you excited for Spring? I’m in desperate need of sunny days out, flowers and pretty walks!

Shannon x

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