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Snow Day Adventures!

As you’ve probably already seen all over social media, The Beast from the East has hit the UK! We rarely get snow on the South coast so it’s all been pretty exciting.

This is what the 1st March looked like for me:

Will and I were lucky enough to have a day off on the first day of snow so we put on 100 layers of clothes, wrapped up my camera in a scarf and went for a walk in the winter wonderland!

There was so much beautiful, untouched snow! Everywhere looked new.


Plus there was nobody around so you could take as many photos of cute walls as you liked!!!
A little portrait of Will out in the snow


Snowman Photoshoot!
A beautiful, frozen stream


A very frosty Southampton Common
The only little guy in the lake who seemed to actually be enjoying the snow.


Southampton Old Cemetery


A little portrait of my sister Sinead
The beautiful Chapel at Southampton Old Cemetery

I am so happy we had our little adventure! The snow has been a lot more icy and dangerous ever since. Walking (or more like shuffling) our way to and from work today was not such a fun adventure but at least we have the fun memories from yesterday to look back on when we’re surrounded by slush and ice next week!!!

Have you got snow where you are? I hope you’re staying safe and warm!

Shannon x

24 thoughts on “Snow Day Adventures!”

  1. Such a beautiful walk! Love the pictures too πŸ™‚ I’m from Sweden originally, so I’m used to a lot of snow. Ironically, my girlfriend and I moved here to the UK to get away from the snow πŸ˜‚

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