Things That Made Me Smile This Month | February 2018

I just love having these monthly posts to look back on. It’s a great reminder of all the good things that have happened and they give me such a positive outlook as the year goes on. Here are the some of the things that made me smile this month!

The Super Bowl
Me and Will spend months counting down to the Super Bowl. We may live in the UK but that doesn’t stop us from going all out! We book time off work so we can stay up all night and we prepare plenty of themed food and drinks.

Pancake Day
As if the Super Bowl hadn’t made February great enough already – we got to celebrate pancake day! I love making pancakes. I make them once a week so it’s not like we don’t get to eat pancakes all the time anyway but still, I just love a reason to make lots of them!

7 year Anniversary & Valentine’s Day
Will and I celebrated 7 years together by eating yummy food and watching plenty of movies. On Valentine’s Day, we proved we’ve probably spent far too much time together when, by pure coincidence, we gave each other the same thing: Lindor chocolates and a “You’re My Lobster” card!!!

Blue Skies & Sunshine
Sooo much sunshine and beautiful blue skies made me so excited for Spring! If you’re living in the UK too you’ll know we left this behind in February since we’re all now surrounded by snow! Still, it was very nice while it lasted 😂

Bill’s and Shopping with Will’s family
We had a day out suit shopping and a very lovely lunch at Bill’s. I haven’t stopped talking about the food since. I don’t think I can rest until I’ve tried everything on the menu!


I know now that this was the calm before the storm but we had a lot of gorgeous sunsets in February.


I have a habit of watching lots of films or a whole series on Netflix in a very short space of time. I used to think it was a curse but it means I’m always watching something new. When We First Met, Everything Sucks & Narcos were my new favourites on Netflix this month and I loved every minute of all of them!

I hope you enjoyed February as much as I did! 

Shannon x

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