Last Minute Super Bowl Ideas: Easy Football Brownies

Another super easy idea for a Super Bowl snack!

All you need is a pack of brownie mix and some white icing.

I used a packet mix because I didn’t have a lot of time and they usually take about 2 minutes to prepare before baking but if you have a little more time you could always make them from scratch.

Make your brownies using your mix or following a recipe of your choice.

When they’ve cooled, cut the brownies into rectangles. This will make it easier to then cut them into the shape of footballs. You could use a cookie cutter or just carefully use a knife like we did.

Pipe the icing onto the brownies to decorate!

IMG_5586_edited.jpgI’ll be honest, we were out of piping bags and literally¬†ended up drawing on the lines with chopsticks so a lot of ours are a bit messy but they’re delicious. Besides what’s a last minute bake without a little bit of a challenge…

Did you see my easy popcorn recipe? There are no icing skills needed for that one ūüėÄ

Shannon x

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