Last Minute Super Bowl Ideas: Easy Cocktail Recipe

One for the Patriots fans…

We’ve prepared plenty of food and drinks to last us throughout the night but we wanted to add a fun and easy cocktail to the mix.

We had a few points of inspiration for this one… New England, Red, White and Blue and a leftover bottle of vodka we’ve had in the cupboard.

This cocktail is pretty much a Cape Cod (you see this is where the New England and vodka bit comes in) except we toned down the cranberry juice with lemonade.

1 part vodka
3 parts cranberry juice 
1 part lemonade

Instead of using a lime wedge, we stuck with our red, white and blue theme choosing to add lots of ice, some blueberries and pomegranate seeds.

It’s refreshing, very fruity and keeping in theme with our Super Bowl snacks!


I can’t wait to enjoy these alongside homemade pizzas and football brownies 😀
I hope you are having a lovely weekend

Shannon x

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