What I Got For Christmas 2017

I’ve never done this type of post before, but I love reading these and watching them on YouTube because I just love having a nosey at what other people received and I find they always give me great gift ideas for the next special occasion. Plus, I am so grateful for all of my lovely gifts I just couldn’t wait to share some of them with you!

The 52 Lists Project – A list for every week of the year. From quotes to memories to goals – I am so excited to start filling this in!

Zoella Lifestyle – A weekly planner so that I can focus on goals and my blog. Plus the Catching Zzz’s Cosy Night In Collection to help me relax after busy days at work!

 Harry Potter Pop Vinyl – I think Pop Vinyl make the greatest gift! There are so many to choose from and I know so many people who are building up their collection. I’ve been collecting the Harry Potter ones so Harry was definitely the perfect addition!

Hogwarts Playing Cards – These speak for themselves, don’t they?! Playing cards with the colours and crests of the Hogwarts houses. SUCH A GREAT IDEA!!!!

Library Card Mug  I love mugs. Bookish mugs are even better 😀

Harry Potter Socks – Does anyone ever have enough socks? I received quite a few pairs of lovely socks this Christmas including some Ravenclaw ones and Marauders map ones.

Harry Potter Potion Bottle Fairylights – I saw these all over Facebook earlier this year when Primark first introduced their Harry Potter collection. I loved them so much but never found them in store so I was squealing with excitement when my dad gave them to me for Christmas!

Glee Box Set – My first main gift from Will. I always wanted the seasons on DVD especially since neither of us got round to watching the final season! Will got me the complete box set for Christmas and I am so excited to have it back in my life.

New England Patriots Jersey – This is what Will is calling “Gift Giving of the Year”. I really wanted my own jersey but Will told me he was so sorry, he’d left it too late and that they’d sold out so I would have to have the Glee boxset instead. Obviously, he lied for a month and my constant “Oh Will, please don’t feel sad I don’t mind not having a jersey for Christmas” was for nothing! I really appreciate it though 😀

Whittards Alice in Wonderland Mug, Infuser & Tea Gift Box – I love all things Alice in Wonderland and I drink a lot of tea so I feel like everything in Whittard’s Alice in Wonderland collection is perfection.

100 Books Bucket List – I’ve seen the travel ones where you scratch off locations on a map but I had never seen a bookish one before! This is a poster and you can scratch off the books as you read them!

House of Marley Headphones – In my family we all love House of Marley Headphones. They’re made from sustainable materials and come in lots of different styles and colours. My last headphones were falling to pieces so I was sooo happy to receive these for Christmas!

The Walking Dead Calendar – I haven’t had a calendar in a couple of years so I am very excited about this gift!

The Ladybird Book of The Zombie Apocolypse – A great little book based on the Ladybird books everyone reads as kids but this time it’s about the apocalypse!

Cosy HomewareCandles, a gorgeous cosy throw and an owl cushion because I love to spend my spare time snuggled up indoors!

Lots and lots of Smellies – This is one of my favourite things to receive at Christmas time because I just never make the effort to buy them for myself. Plenty of facemasks, moisturisers and bath products to keep me pampered for a long time!

I hope you had a lovely Christmas!

Shannon x

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