Blogmas Day 24: My Christmas Eve Essentials!

It’s Christmas Eve!

Tomorrow is the big day! I’m working today and early on Boxing Day morning so I want to make sure I’m making the most of my time off and soaking up every last bit of Christmas that I can. Here’s a list of my Christmas Eve essentials…

Pushing the Christmas shopping and wrapping aside

By this point, my shopping and wrapping have to be over. As much as I love buying gifts and wrapping, I’ve been thinking about it since September and I don’t want to still be thinking about this on Christmas Eve!


The Annual Christmas Jumper Photo with Dad

It’s like an annual game of spot the difference – Although I think this year most of us have different jumpers 😀

Collage 2016-12-24 20_23_45

The Decorations

Give it a week and most of them will be taken down (I might just refuse!) So it’s time to make the most of the decorations! I switch on all the fairy lights and bring out anything I haven’t used yet

Christmas Candles

I love to make the flat smell as festive as possible and try out all the Christmas candles that I haven’t yet


Get Baking!

Or at the very least enjoy some homemade festive treats


Catching up on my holiday favourites!

Whether it’s playing Christmas songs loudly for all to hear, bingeing on Christmas specials or catching up on my favourite movies – now is the time!!!


Christmas PJs!

I may have been wearing festive pyjamas since November but if you haven’t worn them yet, now is the time to dig them out and get cosy.


An Early(ish) Night 

As much as I want to stay up all night watching Christmas movies I just know I’ll be up super early on Christmas morning! Whilst I need to get to bed early on Christmas Day, I don’t really want to be asleep on the sofa by 5pm. Getting plenty of sleep on Christmas Eve is so important if I want to be awake to join in the fun on the big day!


I hope you have a magical Christmas Eve and a wonderful Christmas Day!

Shannon x

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