Blogmas Day 17: Writing the Christmas Cards & Wrapping Presents

It’s Blogmas Day 17!

I love buying presents for people but the one thing I love more than choosing the presents is wrapping them!

The mountain of carrier bags under the tree was starting to drive me crazy so this weekend we finally had a festive day to catch up on wrapping, writing Christmas cards and holiday movies!

This year we picked the cutest charity Christmas cards from John Lewis. I just love the little, illustrated animals – they’re so cute!

I love to add a little personal touch to the Christmas cards so I always use Christmas stamps in red and green on the envelopes and festive postage stamps!

When it comes to wrapping presents, I love them all to be matching. For the last few years, we’ve bought our wrapping paper from Next because they always sell sets of paper with matching tags and bows and it’s always in a mix and match deal so you know you’ll have plenty of paper to wrap all of the presents!

I love to get organised with my wrapping! This year I have chosen to divide the presents into households and then wrap each households’ presents in the same paper. It makes it easier for me to remember who’s are who’s without having to dig through the pile of prezzies and will help people remember which ones are from Will and me when it comes to giving them out at Christmas!

It’s not just about the paper! I love adding ribbons, gift tags and bows to make them look extra beautiful!


(Can you tell I love wrapping yet?!)

Ahhh. I feel so much better now that all these presents have been wrapped but there’s still lots to go! I’ve nearly finished all of my shopping now. There’s just the last few presents left to buy after work tomorrow night!

I hope you have had a great weekend!

Shannon x

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