Blogmas Day 16: DIY Gift Tag Ideas

It’s Blogmas Day 16! 

This weekend I’m finally going to start wrapping the mountain of Christmas presents that’s under the tree! Today, I thought I’d share some DIY gift tag ideas that you could use when you’re wrapping presents this year!

I had a small pack of blank gift tags in my draw so I decided to play around with some festive designs.

I used things I had lying around the flat and in my crafts draw
– Scraps of material
-Old Christmas cards
-Festive ribbons
-Letter stamps
-Felt-tip pens
-Candy canes

Christmas Tree Tag
This was the easiest design to make. I used a scrap of material to make the tree, a small square of an old Christmas card for the base of the tree and a star sequin on top of the tree. You could also use the same technique to make baubles or present designs.

Holly Tag
To make this tag I simply cut a holly leaf shape out of the blank gift tag and coloured it in green. I used more of the red card to make the berries.

Bells Tag
This one was easy to make but looks great! I started by wrapping some ribbon around the tag. Then, using a much thinner ribbon, I tied the the bells on top.

Gingerbread Man Tag
I cut the gingerbread man out of an old Christmas card and stuck it to the front of the tag. I switched the string with some Christmas ribbon to make it look a little more festive. Finally, I used my letter stamps to write the persons name for a personal touch!

Candy Cane Tag
I coloured in the outside of the tag with a red pen. Next, I cut two lines in the tag some that I could slot the candy cane inside. Again, I switched the string for a Christmas ribbon and used this to tie the top of the candy cane into place!

I’ll be back again tomorrow with more Christmas wrapping ideas!
Shannon x

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