Blogmas Day 14: 75 Gift Ideas

It’s Blogmas Day 14! 

Today is my day off work so I’ve been cracking on with my Christmas shopping.

This year I have found it difficult to come up with gift ideas for everyone. Some people are so easy to buy for so I’ve had their presents hidden away since September. But for others, I’m still reading gift guide after gift guide trying to look for inspiration! Hopefully, this post will give you some ideas on what to get for others this Christmas…

For the bakers in your life…

1. A good quality rolling pin
2. A new apron
3. New oven mitts
4. Cookie Cutters
5. A stand mixer

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For the bookworms…

6. A book from their wish list
7. A framed quote from their favourite book
8. A clip-on book light for late night reading
9. A book cover to protect books when they’re out and about
10. A bookish mug

For the couples who don’t know what they want…

11. Wine tasting gift set
12. A food hamper
13. Luxury towels
14. A gift experience
15. A good quality coffee press

For the outdoors lovers…

16. A portable grill
17. Binoculars
18. A picturesque calendar
19. A new backpack
20. A new waterproof jacket

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For the people who’d rather stay at home…

21. Candles
22. Hot water bottle
23. A cosy throw
24. Pyjamas
25. Slippers

For the music lovers…

26. A soundwave print
27. A guitar pick wallet
28. New speakers
29. Vinyl records
30. Music related cufflinks/jewellery

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For the film lovers…

31. Movie night gift set with popcorn box and cups
32. Film magazine subscription
33. A cinema lightbox
34. Framed posters for their favourite movies
35. A boxset

For the people who spend a lot of time in a car…

36. Some fun car mats
37. Heated seat cushions
38. A sticky dash mat
39. A memory foam seat cushion for long distance travelling
40. A car care gift set

For the creatives in your life…

41. A new camera bag and strap
42. A new set of paints, pens or pencils
43. A set of sketch pads
44. Colouring books
45. A craft set e.g. candle making, jewellery making, model aeroplanes

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For the Grandparents…

46. A letter writing set
47. Puzzles
48. Homemade biscuits
49. A selection of teas
50. Houseplants

For teens…

51. A new bag
52. A cosy dressing gown
53. Something for their bedroom e.g. a fun desk lamp, new bed set or cushion
54. A fragrance or skincare gift set
55. Clothes! (If they’re anything like my brother, he grew so fast he always needed new clothes!!)

Stocking Filler ideas…

56. Phone case
57. Popsocket
58. A festive accessory e.g. Fun glasses, boppers or hat
59. Gloves
60. Room spray
61. Mug
62. Socks
63. Mini skincare gift set
64. Nail care set
65. Stationery
66. Makeup brushes
67. Headphones
68. A travel or pocket game
69. Chocolate
70. Alcohol
71. Hand Creams
72. A multi-tool
73. Keyrings
74. A notepad and pen set
75. A DVD

Image result for christmas gifs love actually

How’s your Christmas shopping going? I can’t believe we’re over halfway to Christmas already. I hope that you’re having a lovely December so far 🙂

Shannon x

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