Blogmas Day 11: Will’s Snowball Cocktail Recipe

It’s Blogmas Day 11?!

I feel like December is going so fast! It’s such a busy time of year so it’s really easy to lose track of time. To slow things down a bit, at least once a week I try and have a relaxing night in where I just soak up all the festivities. I love to come home from work, switch all my fairy lights on, get in my Christmas PJs, curl up with a tasty drink, a festive snack and enjoy a Christmas movie (or two!)

Before I met Will I’d never had a Snowball before. Now, they’re becoming a bit of a Christmas tradition! Snowballs have a velvety, creamy texture that makes them the perfect drink for a cosy, Christmassy night in. There’s plenty of variations of this recipe out there but this is the recipe that Will likes to use. It’s so quick and easy to make and always tastes delicious!


25ml Warninks Advocaat
(You can add more but this is always a good start)
A splash of lime cordial

You simply add the advocaat and lime cordial to a glass, top up with lemonade and stir!

You can add ice cubes, ginger, more lime, orange slices, candy canes… there are so many tasty options!

snowball cocktail
Will made me this drink and took this photo. I can’t handle the stress of my camera’s ‘Low Battery’ light flickering at me haha

How’s your December going so far? I hope you’re also finding time to relax and enjoy yourself!

Shannon x

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