Blogmas Day 10: My Favourite Vlogmases

Welcome to Blogmas Day 10!

I love Vlogmas. I just love coming home from work, making a cup of tea and catching up on everyone’s day whilst munching on some mince pies!

Here are some of the Vlogmases that I always look forward to the most…

Tanya Burr
I had to include Tanya on this list because hers was the first Vlogmas I ever watched. She always bakes yummy foods, goes to get a Christmas tree, goes Christmas shopping and throws an amazing Christmas party.

Image result for tanya burr vlogmas

Zoe’s videos are always the longest which means I fall behind on them the fastest. But they’re also always full of singalongs, friends, adventures and fun. I’m definitely enjoying Zoe’s videos the most this year!

Image result for zoella vlogmas

Tom Fletcher
Tom’s videos are always short but sweet. Usually full of family, fun chats, and the cutest and most festive duets with his wife Gi. This year he’s not taking part in Vlogmas but he’s still uploading exciting videos!

Image result for tom fletcher vlogmas

Giovanna Fletcher
Gi’s videos are pretty similar to Tom’s videos in length and in content. But the best thing about them both taking part is you get to see Christmas from both points of view and you get extra duets because they film different songs for different channels! And their duets are the greatest.

Image result for tom fletcher vlogmas

Niomi Smart
From makeup tutorials to food, from family time to volunteering. Niomi’s Vlogmas videos usually have something for everything one!

Image result for niomi smart vlogmas

Do you have a favourite YouTuber to watch over Christmas?

Shannon x

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