Blogmas Day 7: 7 Christmas Traditions

It’s Blogmas Day 7!

Here are some of the little traditions that I look forward to each year…

– Visiting the Christmas Market

Every year a German market is set up in the city centre. The moment we spot the fairy lights hanging in the trees and the little huts being constructed on the high street we know that Christmas is just around the corner! And so is mulled wine, yummy food and lots of Christmas music.

– Baking
Christmas means lots of homemade mince pies and little shortbread biscuits. I use the same recipes every year so that first batch always makes me feel very nostalgic and festive!

– Putting up the Decorations on my Birthday
Whenever someone says “So, how do you want to celebrate your birthday this year?” I always have the same answer. I want to be with my family, decorating the tree and listening to Christmas songs. So for me, Christmas always starts on the 30th November. Now that I no longer live at home the festivities get spread out over 2 days, Will and me decorating the flat one day and then going home to decorate my mum’s house on the second. Some of my best Christmas memories are my family and me dancing around the Christmas tree and singing to the cats. It’s the most wonderful time of the year ♪

– The Christmas Entertainment
I start watching Christmas movies early, usually saving my very favourites until last and I start playing the Christmas music when the decorations go up! Going back to those same movies and same songs every year reminds me of all the magical Christmas memories of my past. There is nothing that makes me feel more festive than curling up on the sofa with a glass of wine and Love Actually on the TV.

– Seeing the Christmas Lights
There’s a road local to me that always goes all out with outdoor Christmas lights! Every house has a magical display and people pay them a visit every year in the run-up to Christmas. I have so many memories of wrapping up warm on Christmas Eve and going to see the lights with my family.

– Waking up Early
Waking up early on Christmas morning is definitely a tradition in my family. My sister and I shared a room for years and we’d always wake up first. I distinctly remember one year, Sinead and me woke up at 5am and my Mum had a rule that we couldn’t get out of bed before 6am. We stayed in bed and watched The Muppet Christmas Carol really quietly until it was time to run in her room to open our stockings as a family.

There was another year, much, much later when Mum had extended the wake-up rule to 7o’clock. We all thought that if we did wake up early, we were old enough to calm down and go back to bed. But by 6am I just couldn’t sleep any longer. I crept into my brother’s room to find him also awake and struggling to go back to sleep. We assumed everyone else was still asleep so we sat there chatting quietly. Then my mum came bouncing in wide awake and we opened my sister’s door to find her wide awake, stuffing chocolate and surrounded by the contents of her stocking. It’s safe to say that 6am/7am rule went out the window and even if we aren’t all together on Christmas morning – we all message each other because we just know that everyone’s wide awake before 7!

– Christmas Dinner with Mum
My mum makes a great Christmas dinner and for me, there is no better way to celebrate the big day than to be sat around her dining table munching on roast potatoes and honey roasted parsnips. YUM!


Do you have any Christmas traditions?

Shannon x


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