Tanya’s Christmas by Tanya Burr

Tanya’s Christmas: Make, Bake and Celebrate is just what you need to get you into the festive spirit!IMG_4851_edited
Filled with bright ideas, this book has something for everyone! Tanya shares her love of Christmas through childhood memories, beautifully presented recipes, gift ideas, style inspiration and homely DIYs.

The photography is gorgeous (just like in Tanya Bakes!) and there is a lovely balance between older, personal photographs from past Christmases and just as lovely but more posed, polished photographs.

Every page is warm, friendly and full of love. And most of all, I just love the message that it’s not all about gifts and spending money but also spending time with loved ones, having fun and taking time to relax and enjoy the season!

Tanya’s Christmas has definitely inspired my creative side and makes me want to plan the best Christmas ever!


I am sure that this is a book I will be referring back to regularly this Christmas and for years to come.

You can also check out Tanya’s Countdown to Christmas for an insight into the content of her book and more festive fun!

I now feel so ready to start planning for Christmas! Whilst I’m still not ready for Christmas music and movies, I am excited to crack on with my Christmas shopping, drafting Blogmas and making some decorations!!!

Hope you have had a lovely weekend
Shannon x


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