Easy Orange Pumpkins with Jelly and Gummy Worms!

This is a little twist on a treat my mum used to make every Halloween when I was a kid. It’s simple, fun and yummy!

You’ll need:

Muffin tray
Mixing Bowl
Plastic sandwich wrap

135g pack of Jelly
Oranges (I used 5 large ones but you could probably use 8 smaller ones)
Gummy worms (optional)


First, prepare the jelly and leave it to set in the fridge


Whilst the jelly is setting, cut the tops off the oranges – these will be the lids for the pumpkins so you’ll need to keep these


Now for the messy bit – you need to hollow out the oranges just as you would do with a pumpkin!


Next, you can either draw faces on the oranges or carefully carve them making sure not to leave any of the skin on the inside


Once you’ve carved your oranges rest them in the muffin tray. This is such a handy way of storing them whilst you work so that they don’t start rolling around the kitchen surface!


Make sure to keep an eye on the jelly, you’ll need it to set but still be soft enough to spoon into the oranges.

To stop the jelly pouring out of the carved oranges, tightly cover them with sandwich wrap.


Fill each orange to the top. I also added a couple of gummy worms to each one!


Pop the oranges back into the muffin tray and leave in the fridge to cool until the jelly has completely set.


When the jelly has set they’ll be ready to serve. When you take the lids off they glow like tiny little pumpkins!

I am so proud of how these turned out and I think they make the perfect little treat for any Halloween party or spooky night in!

I hope you are having a great Halloween weekend!
Shannon x

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