15 Instagram Accounts for Autumn Inspiration 2017

Links to updated lists for: 2018 and 2019.

This year I have become a little bit addicted to seasonal Instagram accounts and hashtags. It is so inspiring to see what other people picture when they think of Autumn. There’s something about scrolling through hundreds of photos of golden leaves, fairy lights, hot chocolate and roaring fires that just makes me feel ready to fully embrace the months ahead of us. Here’s a list of some of my favourite accounts at the moment…


Golden leaves, rainy evenings and woodland views; this account makes you long for cosy jumpers and outdoor adventures.


Misty mornings, rainy days and bobble hats. Chilly autumn air has me feeling ready for winter coats and dark nights!


This was one of the first accounts I followed. I can’t resist scrolling through all the pictures of pumpkins, yummy treats, and cute animals!



Lesley shares her love of antiques and home decorating. Her ideas for simple, rustic, fall decor are so inspiring.


Carved pumpkins, Halloween treats and lots of cats. It’s enough to make anyone excited for Halloween!


Candlelight, warm blankets and plenty of good books. This account gives me all the fuzzy feelings of a cosy night in.


Sharing all original content, Fox and Spice is on a hunt for all things autumn. Their findings will keep me going until seasonal items start coming to the shops near me!


This account has plenty of pumpkins and crunchy leaves but for the animal lovers, it also has beautiful foxes, cats, rabbits, and deer enjoying the autumn weather!


The theme changes colour like the leaves on the trees and it is so beautiful. The days may be getting colder but the colours are definitely getting warmer!


A lot of the seasonal accounts make me want to pack up my stuff and move to America but these golden sunsets, cosy reading corners and autumnal walks remind me of Autumn in England.


Dream houses, long roads and frosty lakes that make me dream of Stars Hollow ðŸ’›


Fields, woodland and castles to give you all the fairy tale feelings this autumn!


This account’s green and gold theme is perfect for early September when the leaves are still green but there is autumn in the air ðŸ’š


Perfect for anybody in the Halloween spirit! Autumn_always shares inspiration for Halloween themed treats and spooky decorations.


The fairy lights, bonfires and cosy sweaters remind me of chilly November nights.
I am so excited.

I hope these accounts leave you feeling inspired!
I can’t wait for cold nights, long walks and lots of decorations.
Not long to go now! (Not like I am counting down or anything…)


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