How to Survive a Sick Day: My Sick Day Essentials!

I hate getting sick. I’ll jump out of bed and clean the flat even if I have a fever. I’ll walk 20 minutes to work and insist on staying for my whole shift even though I can’t hear out of both ears and I’m losing my voice. What good will it do if I stay in bed all day? Turns out I should have been thinking “What damage is going to do if I don’t stay in bed all day?” Ear infections in both ears, a week off work, and a whole load of antibiotics is the answer to that.

As self-care is no longer optional, this blog post is coming from the comfort of my bed where everything I might need is within arms reach. Here are my essentials for surviving a sick day…

The Basics

In the ever growing pile of stuff next to my bed these are the things I find myself needing most often. Things like tissues, hand sanitiser, hand cream, lip balm, eye drops and multivitamins. These are the little things that keep me feeling put-together even though I look like a zombie.

Plenty of Fluids
My favourite sick day essential is tea. It helps to fight colds and sore throats, it keeps you warm and it can be so comforting to curl up in bed with a nice cup of tea when you are feeling run down. I also make sure I have a large bottle of water next to my bed and the fridge is stocked with plenty of orange juice!

sick day essentials eye drops hand cream vitamins hand gel lip balm and tissues
Murine Bright & Moist Eye Drops, Centrum Women, Nivea Hand Cream, Cuticura Hand Gel, Neutrogena Lip Balm, Kleenex Balsam Tissues

A Cosy Space

Open Windows and Natural Light
One of the things that help me feel better is opening the curtains and keeping the windows open to bring the fresh air in. It keeps my room at a nice temperature and I can enjoy the sunshine even though I am stuck indoors.

If you are going to be stuck in bed all day you want the room to smell nice and look cosy!

lit candles

Staying Entertained

Sick Days are basically a ticket to watch as many movies as you want. When I’m feeling ill I love to watch comedies and kids films. They’re easy to watch, make me laugh and I’ve usually seen them a hundred times so it doesn’t matter if I fall asleep. This week I’ve been catching up on Disney films as well as watching some of my favourite DVDs.

Bedside table with a cup of tea and stack of dvds

Netflix and Box sets
Sick days are also a great excuse to binge on shows. This week I plan to cross another show off of my “To Watch” list.

Catching up on my favourite YouTubers is a perfect distraction from feeling rubbish. Not only does it make me smile but catching up feels like such an achievement after falling behind for so long!

laptop showing Netflix

Podcasts are also a great way to stay busy when you’re feeling ill. Unlike my other suggestions listening to a podcast is also a great thing to do if you need to rest your eyes. I love listening to Alice Isn’t Dead or BBC Radio 5 Live’s Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review.

alice isn't dead podcast

When I am having a sick day I love to catch up on some reading. Especially when everyone else is in the household is out at work or getting on with their day, there are no distractions so you can just curl up and read for hours.

My final sick day essential is video games. At the moment I am attached to Animal Crossing New Leaf on my 3DS. I may not be able to go to work or be productive in real life but at least on the game, I can run a whole village, attend firework displays, go fishing and expand my house.


What helps you survive a sick day?
I hope you’re all having a lovely week so far.


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