Things That Made Me Smile This Month | July 2017

I hope everyone had a lovely July! Here are a few of the little things that made me smile this month.

Game of Thrones returning
July was the month that Game of Thrones finally returned! Our weekly pancake breakfast has now been shifted to a Monday morning so we can enjoy a yummy breakfast and watch Game of Thrones. It is the greatest start to the week!

Baby Driver
In July, Will and I went to the cinema 3 times and every time was so much fun. The first film we saw was Baby Driver. Baby Driver is a musical comedy about a young getaway driver. He meets the woman of his dreams and decides to straighten out his life only to find himself taking part in a heist that is doomed from the start. We weren’t sure what to expect but we loved every minute of it!

The Graduate
July marked the 50th Anniversary of The Graduate. It’s about college graduate Benjamin who, rather than deciding what to do with his life, gets caught up in an affair with a bored housewife and family friend named Mrs Robinson. To celebrate the film’s anniversary it was re-released in cinemas and at only £5 a ticket we couldn’t resist seeing our favourite comedy on the big screen!


The Addams Family Musical
For Christmas, Will bought my sister Sinead and I tickets to see The Addams Family Musical at our local theatre. The musical is about how the Addams family react to Wednesday falling in love with a “normal” guy. It was hilarious, the cast was incredible and we were smiling and singing the songs all the way home despite the fact we had a 20-minute walk in the torrential rain.

Spider-man: Homecoming
Our 3rd cinema trip of the month. Spider-man: Homecoming is set after the events of Captain America: Civil War. After experiencing life as an Avenger, Peter Parker returns to his normal daily routine desperate to prove himself to be more than just a friendly neighbourhood superhero. It’s a funny, coming of age movie and it had me smiling and laughing the whole way through!


Baking a coffee cake
Sinead and I baked a coffee cake and it was so delicious it didn’t last long! I actually ended up having a dream that there was suddenly some slices left and I was heartbroken when I realised that wasn’t true. We’ll definitely be making another one soon…

Catching up on movies
One of my favourite things to do on my days off is stick on some shows and tidy the flat. But one day I decided to change things up a bit and rather than bingeing on shows I’ve already seen I caught up on some movies instead. Turns out Secret Life of Pets and Finding Dory are both hilarious and so so sweet!


Making a scrapbook of cinema tickets
I have collected my cinema tickets for as long as I can remember. I still have my tickets for the first Harry Potter movies over 10 years ago. Since Will and I got together in 2011, we started a second collection for films that we’ve seen together. In July I decided to make a scrapbook with all of our tickets. It was fun to make and so nice knowing they are no longer getting crumpled up at the bottom of a box. 

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

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