DIY Bookmarks #2

There’s something about the nice weather that makes me feel really creative! Last summer I made these DIY bookmarks. They were so simple to make and I spent days doodling and colouring design after design. It was so much fun!

This week the weather has been amazing and I was feeling inspired! I’ve got a bit of time off work so I dug out all of my craft stuff and got creative making some more handmade bookmarks…


Things I used:
Adhesive fabric
Craft glue
Needle and thread

To start, I chose a bookmark that I already owned and used it as a template to cut out bookmarks from a piece of plain card.

Next, I chose a fabric and created a small bow to match. (In case you’re wondering, here’s a little tutorial I found on Pinterest that is basically how I made the bows)

I stuck the adhesive fabric to my plain card bookmark and attached the bow to the card with a couple of stitches (my craft glue wasn’t quite strong enough!)

After attaching the bow, I chose a piece of coloured card and cut out a small rectangle.

I then cut a slightly smaller rectangle from a piece of white card.


For each bookmark, I chose a little quote or phrase to write on the smaller rectangle. I wrote these by hand but you could use stamps or print them from your computer!

Using the craft glue, I stuck the smaller rectangle on top of the larger rectangle to create a little border and left the bookmark to dry.

Creating these bookmarks kept me busy for hours! I played around with some different designs during a Harry Potter movie marathon, here’s a little look at what I came up with…


I hope you are all having a great start to the week!

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