Things That Made Me Smile This Month |April 2017

I’ve been a little bit absent lately trying to catch up with unpacking, seeing my friends, reading, tv shows and in general trying to settle into the flat – I cannot believe that April is over already. Here are some of the things that made me smile this month…

Baking Easter cupcakes

These lemon cupcakes lasted about 3 days but they were so much fun to bake and eat!


More sunshine!
It took about 25 days for the April showers to kick in! Up until then, every day was beautiful and warm and I actually didn’t need to bring a jacket or an umbrella with me for days on end. It was like Summer had arrived.

Treating my best friend
Finding gifts for people is my favourite thing to do and I just love it when a birthday is coming up! 30th April is my best friend’s birthday so every year I get to spend the month finding her the perfect gifts.


Pretty Little Liars returned
The final season of Pretty Little Liars returned and whilst so far it has been a little slow it is so nice to load up Netflix on a Wednesday morning and see that little red ‘new episodes’ icon!

Pancakes on Sundays
Me and Will both have Sundays and Mondays off work and so it has become a tradition that every Sunday, me and Will have a lie in, I make us crepes for brunch and we stay in bed watching TV shows on Netflix. This is something I look forward to all week!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Today I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 with Will and my sister and I loved every minute of it.

Seeing Wonderland at the theatre
Me and my best friend went to see Wonderland at the theatre. The tickets had been booked a year in advance so it was so much fun to finally go!


Reading Stardust
This year has been a slow year for reading. I haven’t had time to get stuck into many books but this month I started reading Stardust by Neil Gaiman and it is a new favourite of mine! It is only a short book but I am trying not to rush through it because I am enjoying it so much. I will post a review soon!

Finding old photos I didn’t know existed 
I was looking through old photos of me and friends from school and I found this photo of me and Will that was taken 6 years ago. We don’t remember it being taken and we look so young and seem so different, part of me refuses to believe it’s us in the photo. But it is really cute and made me smile so much. I just love seeing photos I didn’t know existed!


I hope that you have all had a lovely month!

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