New Home Haul

This month, my new year’s resolution to move into a new flat has been achieved!

This means March was full of all the boring stuff like getting a TV license, setting up the internet, buying all the basics like bin liners, toilet paper, and sponges (seriously, that list just got longer as the month went on!) But March was also full of excitement. We could start making this empty flat into our new home. So aside from a bin, dish drainer and living room furniture – here’s a little look at some the cute homey things that I bought this month…

Potted Aloe Vera Plant, IKEA, £2.50 & White Plant Pot, IKEA, £1

My sister is a crazy plant lady and she took me to IKEA and helped me choose my first little succulent. So far it has survived 2 or 3 weeks with me – so far so good!

Starry Night Duvet Set, George Home @ ASDA, £12

I received an Asda gift card for Christmas which is so exciting because George Home at Asda has some of the cutest homeware I have ever seen. I was expecting to buy some copper mugs that I’ve had my eye on for months but no – this starry night duvet set won me over. When I saw it in the shop I thought it just had “Adventures under the stars” printed all over it but when I removed the packaging I discovered it was covered in more star-themed phrases: Aim for the stars, To the moon and back, Wish upon a star, Starry starry night, To the stars and back, Shine on like the moon and stars, Set your course by the stars. SO CUTE.

Midnight Patchouli & Amber 100ml Diffuser, Next, £12

When we first moved in the flat had that “new house” smell. It wasn’t a bad thing, it just smelled a bit like a hotel rather than a home. So the first thing we did is pop into Next to buy a diffuser or two. I work at Next so every day I am surrounded by the nicest diffusers, any of the ones with patchouli in are my favourite!

Tea Cup, George Home @ ASDA, £2.50


I always say to myself “No more mugs” because my cup cupboard is overflowing into other cupboards. Does that stop me from buying cute mugs with an enchanting print? No, it doesn’t. I’ve had my eye on this mug for a while and when I had £2.50 worth of loose change in my purse, fate was basically saying “BUY THE MUG SHANNON”. Now I can always have my tea with “A dash of magic”!

Cake Stand With Lid, IKEA, £9.95

I have been saying for months that I would like a cake stand with a dome so that I don’t have to use a plate and a bowl or lunch boxes to store my cakes. Will and I found this one in IKEA weeks ago and I went back to look at it so many times but never bought it. I finally gave in!

Cake Slicer, Flying Tiger Copenhagen, £3

Tiger is full of quirky homeware but this cake slicer won my heart straight away. It is porcelain with the words “Happiness is a piece of cake” printed on it. For £3 how could I resist?

Copper LED Work Lamp, IKEA, £12

Finally, I got this gorgeous LED copper desk lamp from IKEA. Me and Will already have a desk lamp but it is kind of old and it heats up so much that you fear for your safety when it is switched on. This copper lamp has a built in LED bulb that doesn’t burn me and it looks great on our new nest of tables!

The flat is finally starting to look like a home! Now to bake a cake to go on my new cake stand…


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