Things That Made Me Smile This Month | February 2017

February was a weird month. I had so much time off work, I spent 3 weeks looking after my dad’s house and pets whilst he went to Australia, my younger brother spent some time in the hospital, and I am now moving house! But here are a few of the things that made me smile this month…



Sunny Days
We had some pretty awful storms in February but we also had some of the loveliest sunny mornings and the most beautiful sunsets.

Catching up on TV shows
I had so many days off work in February. I watched 5 seasons of Not Going Out, I finished Gilmore Girls, binged on That 70’s Show for the 4th time and started rewatching Pretty Little Liars to get ready for its return in April. The Walking Dead returned and my Monday nights got that much better!

The Super Bowl
Will’s team made it to the Super Bowl so I baked Super Bowl biscuits and we stayed up to watch the game. Will shouted at the TV, I took naps and together we ate loads of food and had a great time. The cats just wanted us to go to bed.



Baking Day
I had the best baking day making Valentine’s Day heart biscuits. It took all afternoon but I made loads and they were delicious!

6 Year Anniversary
Will and I celebrated our 6-year anniversary with a long walk in the woods, it snowed so we were freezing but we came home and watched Rear Window and got a takeaway.

Catching up on YouTube videos
I had so many videos to catch up on! Sometime around mid-December, I started falling behind on videos. I am finally starting to catch up on Vlogmas!



Long Walks
We were looking after Billy the dog for 3 weeks and went on long walks in the woods every day. It was muddy, we got lost and we fell in the river a few times but Billy had the most amazing time and it was so nice to spend time outdoors.

Lazy Day
Sinead and I had a lazy day eating biscuits and watching Amélie and 11.22.63. It was the best day!

Spontaneous Apartment Hunting
We stopped looking for a new apartment about a month ago and suddenly a perfect place popped up. Now we’re packing everything into boxes and the cats are lending a hand (or paw)!



Working on my Bullet Journal 
I spent so much time snuggled up on the sofa with the pets, working on my journal. It was so much fun to get creative and organised at the same time!

Spending time with Billy the dog aka Billy-Bob aka Lord Billington
Billy is my dad’s rescue dog from Serbia. Billy likes orange buses, leaping through the woods, watching TV, and taking naps with me. He has the greatest eyebrows and the cheekiest smile!



I hope you all had a great February!
~ Shannon ~

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