Kith and Kin by Sophie Bowns

I received a free copy of Kith and Kin in return for an honest review. 

Book: Kith and Kin

Author: Sophie Bowns

Pages: 264

Genre: Drama / Period Drama

Age Recommendation: 12+




Set during the Industrial Revolution, Kith and Kin is very different to the fantasy novels I so often find myself engrossed in. Nonetheless, Sophie sets the scene really well and I very quickly found myself immersed in the lives of the characters.

Kith and Kin tells the story of John, a hard working young man trapped in the hands of factory foreman Mr Hopps and the miserable cotton mill. Encouraged and comforted by his best friend and co-worker, Caine, John pursues a better life for himself. Nothing will be the same again.

Kith and Kin is an emotional story about the strength and importance of friendship, gratitude, and compassion in a world that can be cruel and dismal. All of Sophie’s characters are well thought out and extremely loveable. Even the supporting characters are the embodiment of kindness. I connected with the characters on an emotional level and often found myself thinking of John and Caine when I wasn’t reading.

There are a few writing errors throughout the novel but I quickly found it easy to look past the mistakes and focus on the sweet and inspiring world that the author has created. Maybe I am a fan of the period drama genre after all!

– Shannon

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