55 Things to Track in Your Bullet Journal

Before I started my bullet journal I thought the form was too fixed for me but the more time I spent scrolling through Pinterest, the more I realised just how much creative freedom you can have with a notebook / journal. You can play around with ideas and see what works for you! I sat down and wrote a long list of things that could be tracked in a bullet journal. Here are 55 ideas to get you started…


  1. Bucket List
  2. Wishlists
  3. Goals
  4. Routines
  5. Meal Preparations/Recipes
  6. Lists of your favourite things
  7. Favourite Quotes
  8. Things to do when you’re feeling down, anxious or stressed
  9. Budgets
  10. Spending
  11. Savings tracker
  12. Seasonal Bucket List
  13. Things you want to do more often
  14. Habits you want to break
  15. Self Care/ Me Time
  16. Health (Pain, symptoms, diet, weight loss, weight gain)
  17. Mood/emotions
  18. Anxiety
  19. Yearly/Monthly/Daily Planner
  20. Exercise Plan
  21. Food Diary/Planner
  22. Activities to try/ Things you want to learn
  23. Chores/Cleaning Schedule
  24. Gift ideas
  25. Water Intake


  26. Nail biting tracker
  27.  Passwords
  28. Addresses
  29. Useful Contacts
  30. Dream Journal
  31. Random Thoughts/What’s on my mind
  32. Yearly resolutions
  33. Books to Read
  34. Books Read
  35. To-Watch list
  36. Things that make you happy
  37. Places you want to go
  38. Inspiration
  39. Monthly memories
  40. Shopping lists
  41. Sleep log
  42. Blogging milestones
  43. Life milestones (For you or for your children)
  44. College/School timetable
  45. Revision Timetable
  46. Deadlines
  47. Social Media Schedule
  48. Social Media Stats
  49. Birthdays
  50. Blog Post ideas
  51. Blogging Schedule
  52. Packing lists
  53. Job Application log
  54. A doodle page
  55. Grades Tracker


Have you got any more ideas that I haven’t mentioned?  Let me know in the comments 😀

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